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Who am I?

A fair question. In a simple answer? I'm a Midwestern dad that loves to grab a slice while watching the game. 

I am also a decorated marketing & communications professional with a proven track record of building, managing & maintaining effective branding, media & public relations projects & campaigns, specifically in agricultural businesses. 

Need to build out a social media strategy?  I will help you lay the foundation. Need content for your website? I'm an award-winning photographer & designer! Crafting messaging for your public relations campaign? I have extensive PR experience.

Whatever your project may be, reach out today to learn how I can help elevate your marketing to the next level!

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Previous works

I have worked with many different companies in a variety of ways - including Southeast Milk, Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, Babcock House at UW - Madison, Four Hands Holsteins, Dado Dairy Consulting, and many more. To learn more about some of my work, please visit my portfolio page to see the graphics, logos, and publications I have created for past partners!

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